Do You how to choose the Farm monohydrate zinc sulfate
Date: 2015-09-22   China Bohigh

Zinc sulfate on the use of two types of agriculture in general . Respectively, a water zinc sulfate and zinc sulfate heptahydrate . A water zinc powder is white flowing powder, zinc content of 35% or more. Monohydrate zinc sulfate particles of zinc content of 33% or more. Of zinc sulfate heptahydrate crystalline powder , zinc content above 21.5% . According to Jiangxi- sea experience in the industry for many years to make zinc sulfate , zinc sulfate heptahydrate is generally used as a foliar spray . The reason is due to the seven water zinc dissolved water more rapidly than zinc sulphate monohydrate .

For fruit trees Spraying method: Spraying month 3% to 5% zinc sulfate solution in early spring before bud after bud spraying concentration should drop to 1% to 2% , or 2% to 3% zinc sulfate solution annual branches brushing 1-2 times .

For foliar spraying vegetables to use: Foliar concentration of 0.05% to 0.1% zinc sulfate solution , in vegetable growth stage spraying is better , each time interval of 7 days , continuous spraying 2-3 times, each 50 to 75 kg per acre spraying solution .



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