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Utilize resources circularly andprotect environment well

Bohigh unremitting pursuit of customers, employees, investors benefit, that is, to create value for customers, become the best supplier in the eyes of the customer; create benefits for employees, become the best employer in the minds of employees; also a return for investors, has become the most investment value of the enterprises in the minds of investors. Sea treasure people constantly learning and innovation spirit treasure sea to become the industry leader, Bao Hai not only to become an enterprise that creates the wealth for the society, but also to become a with a strong sense of social responsibility of the enterprise, a respected enterprise. We believe that the sea will become such a company.

As a member of the International Zinc Association, Bohigh actively involved in development of the United Nations Children's fund will be to improve the developing countries in the field of children's zinc deficiency status of zinc from save the children program; through the cooperation with the International Zinc Association and the Ministry of agriculture, actively cooperate with the Ministry of agriculture to carry out zinc fertilizer demonstration and promotion, for China and the global agricultural production and improve the billions of people of zinc deficiency in to make its own contribution. Bohigh actively support African countries India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Ethiopia zinc nutrition promotion activities; actively carry out social welfare activities: to support poor students, donate, caring for unattended children, caring for the households enjoying the five guarantees and poor families... This is the Bohigh mission - "to make life more strong, to make a better life," the best interpretation!

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ADDRESS:BOHIGH Building, 88 Binjiang North Road, Xiangdong District, Pingxiang, Jiangxi Prov.
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Welcome to Bohigh
Welcome to Bohigh